Living the dream: researching octopus behavior in Alaska. Adventure is out there. Allons-y! (Hope you like Sunday Punday.)

You guys, I am THISCLOSE to:

  • handing in my completed thesis proposal
  • getting course credit for my upcoming (all next month) octopus tracking collaboration on Catalina
  • finishing my AAUS certification so I can do that collaboration

If I drop dead before I complete these tasks and go the eff back to California for an as-yet determined amount of time… I loved you all.

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Is it giveaway time or something?



zoe-r-scott is the THREE HUNDREDTH goon to join the madness over here at Tentacular! What shall we do to celebrate, nerds? Video? Sweet prize? Video and a sweet prize? Yes, yes, perfect.

You have one week from RIGHT NOW (21:59 AKST on Thursday) to give me a video suggestion to, let’s face it, most likely embarrass me a little on the Internet… Queen of the octopus dorks. I will randomly select one suggester and treat that lil’ nugget with a SiliPint silicone pint glass with a sweet octopus design by Octopus Ink. I have one and I basically drink only from that now. We’ll be twins. Who doesn’t want to be twins with the queen of the octopus dorks?

Are you gonna send me video suggestions or what?

There are two suggesters and six days left! LOOK AT THIS THING. Seriously, why don’t more of you want this cup?

There are only four suggestions. You have until 22:00 AKST tonight. Your chances are excellent….

…but that’s none of my business.