Living the dream: researching octopus behavior in Alaska. Adventure is out there. Allons-y! (Hope you like Sunday Punday.)
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Guess how much my two checked bags weigh?

Update: I put one of my bags on the scale at the airport and it was exactly three pounds overweight. “Can you remove three pounds from your bag?” I cackled, reached in, and pulled out the four 1 lb. bags of lead shot dive weights that were sitting right on top. This “traveling with dive equipment” thing isn’t as bad as I’d thought it could be (yet).

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Some shots from today’s thunderstorm here at Catalina Island!

These beautiful purple-blue clouds came out of nowhere,and these gusts of wind started rolling through. (The clouds looked like mountains, and if I were any good at painting I would have been inspired enough to try to recreate them on canvas.)

Any who, I hunkered down and watched the storm unfold — thunder so loud it sounded like the gods were playing street drums on metal trash bins! The inevitable lightning followed shortly after, since the storm was super close. I could hear people down the hill crying out in excitement as they witnessed the sights and sounds of the beast. 

These photos weren’t caught on some high-tech-super-expensive-crazy-awesome-SLR, but on my iPhone! Knowing my slow reflexes with catghing the photo and the (quite literally) lightning speed of the strikes, taking photos wasn’t going to cut it. Instead I took several videos, and slowed them down to capture these shots. I’m not quite sure what the vertical bars are in the photo; my best guess is it’s my camera’s reaction to the intensity of the light. Regardless, I think it makes for a cool effect on the photos (and it kinda looks like something is being beamed down from the heavens).

The bars are caused the phone camera scanning horizontally when it takes a photo. That chunk happens in the milliseconds when the lighting flash is bright.

See you next week?